HOW you really see results!


If you cheat-you’re only cheating YOURSELF!!

So here it is. The question on everyone’s lips. HOW CAN YOU REALLY SEE RESULTS? Simple, less excuses and more committing and doing!!!🤩

You can’t always say your instructor or trainer is bad, that is why you still haven’t lost the last few kg’s or the weather is bad, I just couldn’t work out in that heat or the “I don’t have time” excuse. Which is only an excuse for you to sleep in a little longer !!!🤷🏼‍♀️

So, what is the magic. How can you really see great results?

👇🏻Read this tips from A-Z🤩

A-ATTEND of course, you need to attend a class and be there to actually start,right?

B- BELIEVE in yourself. Otherwise it will never happen.

C-CUT & COMMIT. Cut all bad influence in your life which will keep you from your goals. And COMMIT when you start doing something new.


E-Be EXTRA! Meaning…Do each exercise with  “EXTRA” movement and “EXTRA” power in order to burn more🔥

F-Do all exercises FASTER. Being a 🐢will never get you where you want to be! You want fast results! So be FASTER! 


H-HIIT IT to get more After Burn! This is what we want. 

I-Be INTERESTED in facts around getting  the best results. 

J-JUMP more less cellulite👍🏻😉get your butt on the trampoline or in the Bungee class. Higher jumps also burn more calories! 👏🏻🔥

K-Be KIND to your trainer and fellow gym members! Being kinder costs nothing! That way we all can achieve our goals together


M-MOVE MORE in a day! 


O-Be ORIGINAL! Don’t copy the person next to you. Be the beautiful ORIGINAL YOU!!! 

P-POWER and MORE POWER with each exercise equals BURNING!

Q-If you don’t know ask QUESTIONS! If you don’t have the correct knowledge in fitness and nutrition ask your trainers. 

R-REST & RESPECT your body. He needs it toooo!!

S-SQUAT MORE and do them LOW!😉

T-TALK LESS in classes and do more! There is no time for talking if you want results !!!!!!!

U-Your journey is UNIQUE! Don’t compare yourself to someone next to you. Enjoy your own journey and be grateful every step if the way!

V-VICIOUS WORKOUTS! Do them and love them. Pushing yourself beyond limits is the best way to see how strong you really are and to see better results.

W-WORK WORK WORK. If you do not put in everything you cannot accept to see any results.

X-X AND O DONT BE HARD ON YOURSELF. Push yourself, yes! But know when you dis your best.


Z-Get more ZZZ in. In order to be healthy and see great results, you need to sleep better!

Work hard each day and strongs for every step of your way towards achieving your goals!

Love D x

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