Wednesday wisdom

💙Wednesday Wisdom 💙

Do you use your time effectively?


“I don’t have the time ?” Or actually don’t you MAKE any time?


You have the same 24 hours in a day as everyone else. Even the most successful, popular and richest people. How you use your 24 hours is that matter most!


People who become successful wake an hour earlier when everyone else are still fast asleep. People are more successful than you, because they sleep an hour later at night to finish building up their success! ⠀⠀

Do what you can with the time and talents you have at this present moment !!!!🌈🤸‍♀️


You cannot complain that nothing works out for you and that there’s soo many successful people around you , but you don’t do anything!!!! Lack of time isn’t always the problem! Mostly it is laziness and lack of direction.

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