You are your own bully!!!



I know a lot of you said NO, but deep inside you know that you are your own bully. 🙉😬



Simple, how did you greet yourself this morning when you looked in the mirror? Was it something like…”oh no, look at my face I look so tired and old!” ⠀⠀

When you got dressed. 👗What were your first thoughts? Was it something like…”I knew I shouldnt have bought that dress. I’m not sexy enough to wear it. The girl in the advert looked better!” OR “…I hate my belly and big hips! Wish I was skinnier!”


At the breakfast table…did you said,”I’m fine , my body don’t need food I ate wayy too much this weekend!” Or did you fuel your body fresh foods and forgive it for enjoying life ? 🤷🏼‍♀️ ⠀⠀

Did you call yourself a “loser” again when you couldn’t finish that final round at gym AGAIN? Because your body is “too tired!” He can’t be tired I must push him! ⠀⠀

What was your reaction when the lady at the supermarket tells you that your hair or something of you looks beautiful ? Did you say thank you? Or “…ah I wish I had this or it would be better if I looked like that!!!”


See!!!! 😱

YOU ARE YOUR OWN BULLY IN LIFE!! I have only 5 steps for you to follow and FOREVER and EVER to stop bullying yourself:


1. WAKE UP and be grateful, God woke you up this morning. Be grateful uou can see, hear and feel everything around you! 

2. Hello Beautiful! SEE yourself better when looking in the mirror. You are made by God who made you beautiful and wonderful.

3. FORGIVE YOURSELF!!! Don’t push yourself if you know you cannot go further. It’s okay to fail sometimes.

4. Fuel your body heathy foods that build it up not break it down

5. BELIEVE in yourself more!!!

READ THIS ONE OVER AND OVER! You are beuatiful and wonderfully made. Don’t ever doubt that. And don’t ever doubt in yourself. You are enough. Even if you fail in some areas. 

Don’t bully yourself for not being as beautiful as someone on social media or because you have a “perfect picture” you “think” your life should like! ⠀⠀

Don’t be a bully. It actually starts with yourself!!!!!!😉👍🏻#selflove#selfgrowth🌱 

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